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A time to take stock… and a time for us to support and protect what is good and precious

Dear Friends,

What an unsettling time we are living in… anxious days and sleepless nights for many of us.  Prospects for peace are dim in Israel, the future here is uncertain at best, frightening at worst.As we approach

Thanksgiving, that most Jewish of American holidays, we can be thankful that Habonim Dror is alive and well,  creating an environment that in the words of one of our Camp Executive-Directors is...  “a space for children and teens to reflect on who they are, develop, grow and feel confident that the community sees them, hears them and embraces them as they are.”

At a time when one can understandably give-up and turn away disillusioned and disheartened from the news both here and in Israel, it is inspiring to see young people discussing and tackling the issues of our times, earnestly, intelligently and respectfully.

I know that you understand the value and importance of Habonim Dror.  Please help them and the next generation by making a charitable, tax-deductible donation to the Habonim Dror Foundation Annual Fund.  Your donation is critical to enabling this “gem” to continue to survive and thrive and have a profound effect on future generations.

If you have given to HDF before, please renew you support. If you have never contributed before, please do so now. Every donation counts.

Shalom U’vracha,


Yudie Fishman
Chair, Habonim Dror Foundation

 Donations by check can be sent to:
Habonim Dror Foundation
227 West 29 Street, #8R
New York, NY 10001

Canadian donors can contact us here for information about a Canadian tax receipt.


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