Keep In Touch

There are many ways to reconnect with old friends from Habonim Dror:

  • Join the Habonim Dror Foundation and receive the very occasional HDF newsletter.
    • Membership is free and it takes just a couple of minutes to sign up.   About three or four times a year we send out an email newsletter describing some of the amazing things Habonim Dror is doing and of course remind movement alumni how important your financial support is to Habonim Dror programs.
  • Explore and participate in the many Habonim Dror social media sites.
  • Participate in the Habonim Dror People Finder.

    • If you are an alum of Habonim or Dror, or if you attended any of the camps, workshops or other programs, use this service to find and contact your chaverim of yesteryear and at the same time help us, the Habonim Dror Foundation*, to maintain an up-to-date list. Note that this site maintains your own (and other chaverim’s) privacy!  This feature is located at the old Habonim Dror Foundation site while we work on relocating it.
  • Join the Habonim Dror Listserv HABONET.