About the Habonim Dror Foundation

The Habonim Dror Foundation was founded in 1994 with the initial guidance of founding Chair Sid Troyz”l and the leadership of Ken Bob. Our mission is to support Habonim Dror North America with financial and other assistance.

We are movement alumni and friends who believe in the mission of Habonim Dror. We believe that today, over 80 years since it’s founding, the summer camps, the activities during the year and the profound impact of the movement are as meaningful and important as ever.

Habonim Dror activity is strong; over 1500 kids registered at 6 summer camps, over 100 kids participating in Israel programs – The summer MBI and the yearlong Workshop in Israel. Seminars and conventions (veidot) are help nationally, and college members (ma’apilim) affiliated with the movement are key activists on campuses and cities across North America.

The movement depends on the support it receives from the HDF for scholarships that make possible wide participation in its programs. The Movement no longer receives direct financial support from Israel.

And, Israel programs have increased in cost dramatically – over $18,000 for Workshop tuition and over $8,000 for the summer in Israel MBI program.

The movement now relies on financial contributions to the Foundation to support and expand Habonim Dror’s work. This funding includes annual allocations, scholarship funds and emergency grants for special projects. The Foundation has established an endowment fund in order to accept larger gifts to secure Habonim Dror’s future.

Please consider making a contribution to the Foundation. 
Rabbi Tom Gutherz
Chairperson, Habonim Dror Foundation