Habonim Dror Social Media Sites

Explore the many social media sites for Habonim Dror – Reconnect with old friends from camp and Israel programs and  find out about alumni events.

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Camp Galil ‏ @Camp_Galil Camp Galil Twitter Feed
Camp Moshava ‏ @campmosh Camp Moshava twitter Feed
Camp Tavor ‏ @CampTavor Camp Tavor Twitter Feed
Gilboa @Camp Gilboa Habonim Dror Summer Camp in the west coast. The most amazing experience of the summer!
Gilboa Alumni Update Facebook page for Camp Gilboa alumni. Lots of great pictures.
Habonim Camp Miriam We sang union songs after lunch, danced after shabbat dinner, congregated around at Point, and were afraid of Krepsie.
Habonim Dror Alumni The official site for North American alumni of Habonim Dror programs and camps. Become a fan, introduce yourself, post photos and stories, and invite your friends!
Habonim Dror Camp Association
The Habonim Dror Camp Association (HDCA) is the umbrella organization for the Habonim Dror camps in North America.
Habonim Dror Camp Tavor At Habonim Dror Camp Tavor, children ages 9-16 experience a one-of-a-kind Jewish Youth community.
Habonim Dror Mexico Facebook page for Habonim Dror Mexico
Habonim Dror North America Google+ It’s not much … yet. The HDNA “Official” Google+ Page
Habonim Dror North America on Facebook “Official” Facebook page for Habonim Dror North America
Habonim Dror’s Couchsurfing If you travel around the world and need a couch to sleep for 1 or several nights somewhere, you ask someone that you don’t know to host you at his place. If this person needs to come in your town, it’d be normal to host him back 🙂
Kibbutz Grofit For all Workshoppers, ex volunteers and ex people who used to work and live on the Kibbutz
Wiscons Ken Official Ken Wisconsin Facebook Group!?