Is it all about Nostalgia?

Not long ago I approached a Habonim alumnus to ask him for his financial support of the Habonim Dror Foundation.  He challenged me, responding, “You’re just appealing to nostalgia!”

In a sense, he had a point. We often talk about the profound effect the movement had on our lives. We invoke the wonderful memories and recall the close, life-long friendships that shaped us. 

But, that is not the whole story, not by a long shot!  

For me, maybe for you too, Habonim was the answer to the alienation from Jewish life that we felt growing up. Habonim is where our Jewish identity took hold.   Today Habonim Dror continues to nurture and build Jewish identity and engagement with Israel:

  • 7 Machanot (Summer Camps)
  • 2000 Campers
  • 160 chaverim to Israel on Workshop and MBI
  • 20 cities with active Kenim (Branche
  • 20 campuses with active Ma’apilim (college-age members) 

Habonim Dror engages in important social and political issues of the current day. The movement still operates as youth leading youth. It still has an answer to the deep emotional and intellectual needs of young people who would otherwise be alienated from Jewish life.

Now more than ever the movement depends on the support it receives from the Habonim Dror Foundation (HDF) for scholarships that make possible wide participation in programs. 

In our day, there were parents and alumni who made sure that the support was there for us.

If you agree with me, that Habonim Dror is worth supporting, then please help the next generation by making a charitable, tax-deductible donation to the HDF Annual Fund. Your contribution is critical to enabling this “gem” to continue to survive and thrive and have a profound effect on future generationsde participation in programs. They were there for us – now it is our turn!

Shalom U’vracha,
Yudie Fishman
Chair, Habonim Dror Foundation

Donations by check can be sent to:
Habonim Dror Foundation
227 West 29 Street, #8R
New York, NY 10001