Habonim Dror Google Group / Listserv – HABONET

HABONET is the original and still active online discussion group for alumni and friends of Habonim Dror.  HABONET is an Internet mail listserv and predates  the Web.  When you join the “list,” you join one giant discussion. Any message sent by a participant will be received by all other participants.  Because you must become a member of the list, a listserv is like a closed group on todays web based systems.  HABONET is now a private Google Group.

Once you join, you will be part of a community of about 300 chaeverim who belong to HABONET. Every day, between three and thirty emails missives are sent by chaverim. You, part of the community, will receive all those emails. You will also be able to actively participate by addressing your messages to HABONET and they will be sent to all HABONET members. But that only works after you have become a member. 

There are about 20 VERY ACTIVE chaverim who write all the time, another 30 or so who write occasionally, and the rest are “lurkers” — they read the HABONET email but write rarely.
If you do NOT want to receive that many emails, there’s a solution for you. You can (once you become a member) opt for the “digest” — which means you will get only ONE email from HABONET daily with all the messages wrapped together with a table of contents like the one you see here (we made the email addresses illegible, but if you are in HABONET, you get to see them).

To subscribe, visit the HABONET Google Groups Page


Request to join the group and let the group moderator know something about your Habonim Dror connection.